Friday, April 29, 2011

Graduate to employee

Congratulations to all fresh graduates and to your proud parents. To graduate with a college degree is something you should be thankful no matter what happen in your next quest.

Speaking of next quest, I know some of you are thrilled in your job hunting while some are planning to have vacation first before anything else. There’s nothing wrong with that just have fun and never regret.

Reality check

I will not go deep to latest survey of millions of unemployed Filipinos; basically that’s problem long before our Uncles and Aunties graduated. There are very few jobs for increasing workforce. As much as we want to blame it to someone it doesn’t answer your problem.

For me facing the real world is fearful but challenging at the same time. It is better to always boost up your self confidence by constantly reviewing what you learn and attending trainings that is related to your field. However, whether you are really capable or not the best asset that an applicant can show especially during interview is to exude his/ her confidence.

That’s one of my problems when I was just fresh grad I’m so conscious and not confident so although I have edge I was always rejected.

Different Arena

For you who are afraid to rival with your classmates who has impressive records and popularity in school, please don’t. One thing I realized when I already working is whatever medals or awards you garnered in your college days are not that important in your day to day job. You’re boss doesn’t recognize you as the one who was best in his/her thesis if even filing of files you can’t do. Your recognitions might add to your personality if you gonna boast those but still the bottom line is your work performance.

To be honest, I just had one chance to be included in Dean’s list, I got failed grade before in Algebra and I have only one award. But I was part of the few people who got chance to work in a prestigious company in our field. I’m no more part of that company but I’m proud of myself to be able to that and very thankful for that wonderful experience.

A piece of advice

Though you fresh graduate with zero professional experience those companies will give you leniency, you must exert effort. Prove yourself that you capable and trainable. You are no longer in school so they are not teachers but employers that are paying to do your job.

Another advice, if you don’t have so much obligation and have opportunity to work in a company/ job that is related to your field/dream job but give you low salary, grab it. In your first year in the work field, what you really need is experience and be connected. Count at least six months if you have second thought to stay.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's the difference between Work and Career?

The answer in this question depend on our own goals and personality. But for me, work is something like a brick that is part of the construction of your career. It can be the source of your money to pay your bills or to save in the bank and part of your daily routine.

If you don't have work,you are bum. No money and no things to do. But you can find work if you really want. No matter how awful, how low or how degrading it for others.
Career is the path of your works, your long term goal or let's say maybe the future you envision.

I am not accomplished career woman,YET. I am working for eight years now and I'm eager to transfer from my current company to another. The reasons are because I'm looking for better opportunity, for me to able to try other things and use my other talents, and yes, to look for much better management that offers competitive salary.

These are my reasons and I'm not blaming my present company whatever system do they have. That is them what i want to change is not them but my own career path.

Now, why I'm blogging about work and career? I want to share my knowledge, experiences and lessons i learned plus my goals while I'm working. It might help fore both of us.