Friday, May 27, 2011

Interview Booster

Whether you’re still connected with company or a person who are eager to find new job, facing an interview is something you must take seriously. Prepare your answers to some common questions like…
  1. Could you tell us about yourself?
  2. Why should we hire you?
  3. Why did you leave your company or looking for another job?
  4. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  5.  What’s your edge against other applicants?
There are other questions apart from these five that you must know, but I think the most essential thing is know yourself. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses then take time to practice how you will deliver those things to your interviewer (s).  Because let’s face it, not all applicants who get hired are really good in what they are doing, they just know how to look confident during interview.
            My apology if I can’t give the winning answers to those questions since there are plenty of good advises that you’ll read in other sites. For me, you can’t really copy their answers because of differences. What I can share perhaps is how to boost you self esteem for interview.
A.                 Enrich your communication skills. Before they know that you are real treasure, they must listen to your statement. Now, if you are not articulate and mumble that are already minus points. Of course, good grammar is plus-plus points.
B.                 Don’t be afraid with your interviewer. I’m hypocrite if I say I don’t feel tense when I’m in an interview. I just compose my self that I’m answering the person that is just in charge to question me. This person is human too and if I make or break it, I’m still alive and continue my life.  I just have to persuade him/her to hire me.
C.                  Enough practice lessen you nervousness.
D.                 Pray and have faith. Pray to have divine guidance and have faith that if this job is for you, you will get it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Idealism versus Realism

As much as possible never lose your being idealistic whatever pains that you’ll encounter along the way. Your idea might be your ticket to your success and your asset in contrast to other applicants or employees.
However, balancing and being open-minded is the key so that your ideas would be applicable to reality. Of course you must know that you’re being idealistic is absurd if it’s really sound absurd.  Don’t push your concepts to others instead learn to work with them. Maybe your own goals need to reinvent or to improve.
For me, too much realism is boring and will kill your passion in the end.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

While waiting, process important documents

Vacation is freedom from worry and chance to enjoy fun moments. But if you are preparing for work or waiting for someone to call you. It is better to allot time to process important documents if you have nothing to do.
You must also remember that government offices have rules and limitations that might hassle you if you dire need of papers from them.

What are these limitations?
1.      Days of processing your application for Identification card.
2.       Hours of serving you.  It is normal that you must get up early and expect long lines in their offices.
3.      Fees that you must prepare
4.      Requirements that you must pass.
What are the important documents?
1.      Birth certificate from NSO (National Statistics Office)
2.      SSS number and SSS ID ( the last time I check , you must contribute at least a month before you can avail SSS ID)
3.      NBI Clearance
4.      Philhealth ID
5.      Passport
6.      Police/ Baranggay Clearance (optional)
7.      Voter’s ID
These documents are very important in applying in jobs, so better to have several photocopies of them.

Friday, May 13, 2011

how to save in creating resume

Resume is important tool for your career. It is like your passes so the companies will call you and assess your worth. You must take it as your own ad material for different organizations to hire you. But like any ad campaign, creating or having resume means expenses. You need to buy paper, have print out and put decent photos in it. 

Here are some tips to lessen your expenses in having resume:
  1. Always keep the soft copies. It is obvious advice but sadly some still doesn't realize that carrying soft copies of their resume will save them. If you want to print more, you can easily go to any computer shop. Then while waiting, you can send more applications using the Internet.
  2. Have photocopies. usually black and white print out cost Php 5. That's cheap for one set of resume but what if you want to have more than 5 copies and you have two-page resume? Print one set of resume and have photocopies as many as you like. Do it in photocopy shops where good quality and cheap photocopying is assumable. And since you are there already, don't forget to have copies of your other important documents such as SSS ID, NBI, Transcript of Records (TOR)  etc.
  3. Try image repeat for your photos.  the most expensive part of resume is the photo. Normally, it costs you Php 65 to 75 to have studio ID pictures that are limited in numbers. Furthermore, being looking good in pictures is by chance depend on the photographer. And repeating it again and again will take your time and money as well. Apart from spending aditional money for digital copy in CD of your ID pictures, try to have colored photocopy of your pictures by image repeat set up. A particular computer shop in UP Philcoa, CEU Mendiola, and along Morayta or Nicanor Reyes St, cater thar service too.
  4. Choose the right paper - Common bondpaper is allowed to use for resume. But I suggest to choose different papers that are not expensive, not loud in colors and  not scented. I remember I used algae paper that was Php 11 for 10 pcs. HR officers noticed my resume but they didn't know how much the paper I used and it was just a photocopy.
  5.  Always check. never forget to examine your resume. check the indentions, the dirts, position of photo and the grammar. If you always find mistakes in your resume then you also find yourself spending more money.
Once a while I submit two-page resume but usually it is one-page whether soft or hard copy.
Good luck in your application!