Saturday, December 27, 2014

5 New Year Resolutions for Career Enhancement in 2015

I am both proud and dissatisfied with my performance for 2014 that's why I should  have resolutions to change the course of my career.  Why am I  proud?  Because I survive a year of freelancing. Why am I dissatisfied because I financially unstable and a  little bit lost.

5  Be Organized

Do you know Nodame of Nodame Cantabile?  Well, I am almost like her when it comes to being messy and organized in my things.  This negative trait produce unwanted results in my career like forgetting notes, lost in time, spending extra money and breaking things. 

I know myself, I feel productive and creative when my things are not in order while I am working. Weird? Yes I am.  Believe me I tried to change this manner even before I worked office-based, but I  discovered that I  feel restrained and sleepy if I am seeing clean and white area. So why  all of sudden I want to change now?  I can still disorganized my computer station not my entire room. 


4 Act in Timely Fashion  

I am paying penalties of my loans and credit card fee only because  I don't act in timely fashion. My Goodness it's head-scratching moment for me when I received a bill statement for my credit card that I didn't use for months but I need to  pay Php 3000 for it.  If only I cut it right away.

Timing is also the problem why I lost some client inquiries and prospects. 

3 Be Positively Look Good

Looking good is plus point what more if you look professional from head to toe.  But since I am working from home it's inappropriate for me to wear  suit.  But I agree that if you feel beautiful, it exudes confidence in your work and dealing with people.  This year, I  know that I retreat to being comfortable of my pajama,  This is the reason why I start to agree  to go out with dates and other appointments.

2  Enhance Communication Skill

I am confident in my conversational English, but I know deep in my brain that I am not grammatically correct all the time. I know that I need to polish not only my writing or blogging skill , but generally my communication skill.  Sometimes I forget that not all people I am dealing with will let my mistakes pass.  If I need to earn trust and acquire decent jobs ( freelance, part time or full time), I definitely have to become fluent in English. 

1 Learn to be expert

One of the big lessons I learned in 2014 is don't be just familiar with the job, be knowledgeable on it. Similar to my top 2, I rely on my stock knowledge and take risk to bid without sure amount of calculation whether I can do it or not. It bounce back to me.  I am happy that I know  SEO, blogging, data entry, web research, writing and others but they are all just basic.  Of course, I am looking for better and stable salary so if I am serious to make my career path clear and thriving. I have to be expert in my field.

What about you? What are you career lessons or resolutions for your career?  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Resign or Stay: 5 Things to Consider for Decision-Making

I always says that your greatest rival in working is yourself- your attitude. Let's say you're doing your part as you work hard to the point that your office is your life almost 24/7. But then it seems not enough for your boss who are only waiting for you to do mistakes.  The worst part, she says something that's hard  to accept for your ego.

Resign or stay?

In my 10 years in the work field, I already submitted 4 resignation letters.

  • The first one was because I couldn't take  the extra job that publishing company asking from me.  Being like a production assistant was okay, since I also like doing that, but getting money directly from their clients was the worst part. 
  • Second was because I felt  like I'm carrying to much burden in all sort of aspects. I was promoted for higher position without salary increase but with additional heavier tasks that actually not my expertise. It was painful for me to leave my beloved colleagues but I need to find own growth and sustain my growing expenses.

In my current job, I'm also thinking of  submitting a resignation letter because of the following reasons:
  • Imbalance between my personal and  work time - I'm in the office 6 days a week and I report even during holidays
  • Having hard time to deal with my supervisor and other department heads
  • My office is very far from my house
  • I'm not meeting their expectations and even my own goals
  • I'm starting to like my part time job
Like you, most of these items are somewhat  invalid reasons for me. I'm thankful that I have job but being young and human too. I'm also trying to balance everything in my life. - (written a year ago)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What are 3 recommended Course for incoming College Students?

This film is good to watch so you'll know what's life after college.
Few weeks from now school classes in the Philippines will be open. Congrats to those already enrolled and just preparing for their school supplies. But for those who are still contemplating what to take or still doubting if they enrolled in a nice course, here are my 3 recommended factors to consider that I usually advice for my OJTs.

a Course that is related to your dream, passion and personality

 It's hard right? But you know the only person who will know this is only you. Sometimes you can get good advice from your circle because they believe in your capability but at the end of the day, your decision is what matter.

What about your parent's choice? Well, my sentiment about that is you can always convince them and prove that you can do it. Don't be rebellious if they stand firm but be thankful that at least they afford to send you in college.  Just believe that if you want something , you'll find way to get it while in college after graduation.

I know a writer who was BS Nursing graduate because her parents wanted her to become one but  since she's really into writing, she started to write pocket books that become best sellers. Now she's part of a leading network where she works as  TV writer.

Related to Communication

I'm not only talking about Mass Communication, Communication Arts, Advertising or Journalism but  any course that you can empower your communication skills. Actually what most job hunters don't see  are opportunities for them  outside those TV networks, radio stations or publishing companies.

If you are good in communication especially in English  - you can be a translator, businessman,  call center agent, blogger, PR officer,  talent coordinator and so on so forth that some other type of industries direly need. In fact, I think I can have more jobs now if I'm only  fluent in English thus I'm trying hard to polish it now.

Related to Social Media  and Technology

Tic tack people now are active in social media including you. And it means there's market for this and there's growing need to tap them which most companies trying to do now.  If happen you are very active in blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other websites likes these - professionalize your knowledge by taking a course about this. I do believe that in coming days,  everything is gonna be online and digital so better be an expert. I, myself, is learning to do this for a living.

Of course, there's no social media, technopreneur or online publishing without tech-savvy people.  from what I know, compare to traditional jobs we know most people from this industry earning a lot.

These are just three factors that I think can help you or at least boost your study in coming years. Whether you like Fine Arts or Civil Engineering , you might ended up need a  presentation skills and technology to enhance your career status.

Anyhow, Good Bless!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Freelance: The Possibility of the Unknown

Regular job is the type of work status that you are assured you are already part of the company and familiar with job- you expect the expected. That's not the case with freelancing, you  have to work hard to prove your worth till the last minute because the result is unknown.

Sighting  Preferred Job Opportunities

Since November, when I decided to try freelance. I got few online applications because there's limited job ad posting for freelancers or part time workers.  Well in the case of, elance, and oDesk you need to bid to get one or more. So far, I'm not into those as well as on being virtual worker, though I'm considering them too. By the way there's two popular  companies that I know looking for home-based employees - Virtual Staff and RemoteStaff.

I prefer to stick with traditional work minus working in the office and full time. Right now, I have two part time jobs - the first one is in a Japanese company, where I'm a regular home-based staff. It's per deadline or output basis and we do it twice a month.  The second (new) is also a home-based work but its a part time one, meaning I commit at least 5 hours a day. I'm still on probationary period with this so I hope I pass and continue to become regular part timer.

Well basically, I'm looking for jobs that are home-based  and  doesn't stop me to still breath away from computer. Because if  not I should go back on working full time where I can get regular pay every ten days. Well I pray  to grab the other one that I'm aiming to get because it looks fulfilling job and will go well with my two existing jobs and online business.

It's a nerve-wrecking journey 

Next to being unemployed, this kind of work status gives you unstable income,  unreliable promises and unlimited tensions or questions and unknown future.

Unstable income

Usually, freelance and part time workers get payment after their jobs are done. And it depends on the policy of the company and nature of the business. Let's say you work as a contributing writer in a monthly publication and your fee is per article or per word. The problem with that is if they overly edit your work like instead of 5 articles - they only choose 2 or you submitted a 1000-word article only to find out it becomes just a snippet. The worst scenario is they never published your work or they did but folded up and never pay you.

     Unreliable promises

This is specially happens if you work per project  and If you are not careful who you are dealing with then you don't have a signed contract. I had experience on this let me share.  There was an editor of a new magazine who happened to spot me in a forum for wannabe writers. She emailed me and even talked with me through phone so after constant communication, I decided to try.  I'm apologetic one during those times because, I'm not a professional writer and my English was bad ( worst at that time).  So I used my free time to search and write for her- I think I submitted 3-5 long articles before I realized she's a bogus. She kept on praising me and demanded things but she never paid me for at least one article that I submitted.  I took it just a learning experience and till now I don't know where she is.  

Unlimited Tensions/ Questions

Questions come from different directions - it might be questions from other people asking what you are doing or whether you are good on what you are doing.  If you read my  post  Why I Quit Doing Regular Full Time Job? you'll know my experience. So in the aspect of questions coming from yours that's also one issue that gives you tensions. Am I struggling? Did I miss something? Why they don't choose me?

    The Possibility can  be awful or successful 

If you are not strong, you'll feel awful because you don't get what you want all the time.There are something that you need to compromise - like forgetting your ego and  double your efforts. It will come to a point that your self esteem shoot down. But if you become brave enough, open-minded, and work hard then freelance is for you.

Well I still consider myself new in this arena, what else can you say about freelancing?  Any advice? 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Office Romance is it good or bad?

Lucky me I had experienced having admiration in my former offices. But unfortunately, nothing really blossomed into full blown romance.  Well, I try not to have a boyfriend in the office because I hate being teased and  be apple of the eye of everyone. It sounds awkward and complicated for me then I also want to keep my love life as private as peaceful as possible.

So that's the reasons why I'm still single

Yes perhaps and I agree. From Monday to Friday even up to Saturday I'm in the office. Thus, If I'm looking for special someone outside of my work place there's little chance. 

I'm not also the type of woman who likes nightlife I rather go for weekend getaway or stay in our home to catch up for my sleepless nights.

Another thing, I prefer comfy casual when I'm not working. This is because I'm sick of wearing corporate/ business attire for the entire week. To summarize it in few words, I'm not in my most presentable/ beautiful form.

Possible but never work out for me

I may look boyish outside but I'm totally girly inside. I have secret crushes, infatuations, and possibly one sided love affair with some of my male office mates.  Well my recent special someone from the office was a cute looking guy, rocker and deep.  I don't know if he's really polite to everyone but sometimes he's moody then perky.  I was about to reach out to him, decided to make some move ( which was really so unusual for me) but sadly, I found out that he's already in a relationship.  Good thing,  I investigate before going all out about my feelings for him. 

Well I'm such a loser when it comes to expressing my feeling. When I finally realized  that I love a person- he's already gone.

successful Office Romance is yes depend on

  • the persons involve.  There's no issue about it if they can prove that they can be professional at work even they so badly in love
  • in the company's policy - well most companies allowed boyfriend- girlfriend relationship but there are some who don't. In my former office in Ortigas, once the couple decided to marry one of them must leave or move to another department. 
  • on their career move - there's a movie from Star Cinema starring Richard Gomez and Lorna Tolentino that tackled  rivalry between husband and wife. Richard's character is insecure with Lorna's character because she gets respect and promotion than him.
  • if you can fight for it -  especially if your case is you're in love with your boss or staff. 
but again, I believe if love really knocks on your door you let it shines in your career life. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Why I Quit Doing Regular Full Time Job?

Long time ago, I planned to simply delete this blog because if you  notice, my last post before this was published three years ago.  There were many things that happened during this period  that were also some of the reasons why I stop blogging in this website. Now, I decide to post again for the purpose of telling myself ( and you) why I quit doing regular full time job?

To earn and explore more

Demoralize - this is a word that can describe why I ended  up leaving my 7-year old job in Ortigas. I was promoted to a higher position - because  I'm the assistant/ associate of  my superior who vacated the post.  Initially, what I didn't like about that were I didn't aspire to get it, I would carry tons of work and then I had to be a leader. 

But the biggest disappointment I had were the company had no plans to increase my salary ( and my subordinates) and I had to acquire the tasks of other department ( including  being partly secretary of our terror president).  If this company only knew, I used my free time to find sideline works so I could have extra income.

So even if  there's no new company where I could transfer, I resigned. I might  experienced some frustrations because of that big decision but  I never regret. In three weeks I obtained a regular part time job in a Magazine company and full time job in a well known business website. I discovered that I could do other  things aside from what I usually perform in my former company. Furthermore, I'm convinced I'm already burn out. 

To enjoy my time and maximize it

My last full time work in Makati motivated me to value my time more than money. My schedule was 9-6 pm from Monday to Saturday and  no Holidays. Then, since my position was very crucial I had to do overtime almost everyday.  If  I file leave of absence that means additional load to my one and only partner or vice versa. When I accepted the job, I already predicted  that it's going to be my problem in the long run.   But I let my self to try it because of the high salary and to learn a new field.

Well  thank you to that job I was able to pay my Php 35, 000 debt, invest a little and save some for my emergency fund. Thank you to that Job I learned  a little bit more of digital marketing, creative writing, various products, and diverse businesses. And thank you to that job, I gained  talented friends.  But  I have to resign because my gut feeling told me that I will lost half of my life if I stay longer - it would be a reason If I will be a spinster, aloof, and lifeless. 

To hone my skills and talents the way I want

I always believe that it's good to have mentors and  people who can guide you.  But if they happen to be your managers or supervisors there's a slight chance that they are really motivational. In fairness to my former bosses - they taught various lessons which I can use for my career but  I don't like them personally. In my opinion, they were  not someone who I can look up to the way I see some successful and inspiring people I know. But since they were my superiors, I had no choice but to follow their commands.

I believe I'm willing to learn more so I have to get out of the box and explore the market where there are superb personalities armed with knowledge and skills who can directly teach me superb knowledge. 

To get away from rush hour / transportation woes

Ortigas or Makati, I could't go to work without passing through  jam-packed traffic in EDSA during rush hour. I will try my very best not to go back in that scene again or at least not every single day of my life.  

To fulfill my dream - to be a successful entrepreneur 

To date, I still need to do part time jobs to sustain my expenses and obligations. But I already venture to several small time businesses  hands on.  I tried retailing, barbecue business, selling processed meats, and Unified Products and Services of Global Pinoy Remittance and  Services Inc. Except the latter, I already gave up my try out businesses but with small profit. 

My business failures might entail financial loss in my small savings and yet I'm still eager to be a thriving entrepreneur.  Those failures were my lessons to do better and find out more what works for me.  So I prove that  in business: 
  • you have to choose wisely your business partners
  • the importance of inventory
  • budgeting
  • the art of sales talk  and promotion/ marketing

To attain my long term goals  before I hit 40s

My situation right now humbles me and I appreciate the many things I'm blessed to have - yes I'm still looking for home based/  part time/ freelance works,  I  still don't get my ROI (return of investment), and I'm affected to whatever problems in our house.  But I'm still looking forward to solve my short term goals to achieve my long term goals/ aspirations before I hit 40s and my retirement (60 years old)

  • to be a millionaire when I turn 39 years old
  •  to get into relationship soon and get married before 35 years old
  • to travel in Sao Paolo, Brazil when I turn 34
  • to  own an enterprising tricycle / transportation business
  • to establish family restaurant business / online publication
  • be versatile, reputable, inspiring and prolific blogger and media practitioner
  • have solid emergency fund P 150, 000
  • continuous investments - stock market, mutual fund, life insurance and forex
  • and yes to buy my dream car and house
  • attain half of my retirement fund
  • to enjoy peaceful and relaxing life
  • to experience financial freedom
  • to be with my love ones and help them
LilChaCha, The road is cloudy but choose to get though with it than staying in stagnant and unhappy places.  Dream, Be Passionate, Have Faith! Enjoy!!!