Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Freelance: The Possibility of the Unknown

Regular job is the type of work status that you are assured you are already part of the company and familiar with job- you expect the expected. That's not the case with freelancing, you  have to work hard to prove your worth till the last minute because the result is unknown.

Sighting  Preferred Job Opportunities

Since November, when I decided to try freelance. I got few online applications because there's limited job ad posting for freelancers or part time workers.  Well in the case of freelancer.com, elance, and oDesk you need to bid to get one or more. So far, I'm not into those as well as on being virtual worker, though I'm considering them too. By the way there's two popular  companies that I know looking for home-based employees - Virtual Staff and RemoteStaff.

I prefer to stick with traditional work minus working in the office and full time. Right now, I have two part time jobs - the first one is in a Japanese company, where I'm a regular home-based staff. It's per deadline or output basis and we do it twice a month.  The second (new) is also a home-based work but its a part time one, meaning I commit at least 5 hours a day. I'm still on probationary period with this so I hope I pass and continue to become regular part timer.

Well basically, I'm looking for jobs that are home-based  and  doesn't stop me to still breath away from computer. Because if  not I should go back on working full time where I can get regular pay every ten days. Well I pray  to grab the other one that I'm aiming to get because it looks fulfilling job and will go well with my two existing jobs and online business.

It's a nerve-wrecking journey 

Next to being unemployed, this kind of work status gives you unstable income,  unreliable promises and unlimited tensions or questions and unknown future.

Unstable income

Usually, freelance and part time workers get payment after their jobs are done. And it depends on the policy of the company and nature of the business. Let's say you work as a contributing writer in a monthly publication and your fee is per article or per word. The problem with that is if they overly edit your work like instead of 5 articles - they only choose 2 or you submitted a 1000-word article only to find out it becomes just a snippet. The worst scenario is they never published your work or they did but folded up and never pay you.

     Unreliable promises

This is specially happens if you work per project  and If you are not careful who you are dealing with then you don't have a signed contract. I had experience on this let me share.  There was an editor of a new magazine who happened to spot me in a forum for wannabe writers. She emailed me and even talked with me through phone so after constant communication, I decided to try.  I'm apologetic one during those times because, I'm not a professional writer and my English was bad ( worst at that time).  So I used my free time to search and write for her- I think I submitted 3-5 long articles before I realized she's a bogus. She kept on praising me and demanded things but she never paid me for at least one article that I submitted.  I took it just a learning experience and till now I don't know where she is.  

Unlimited Tensions/ Questions

Questions come from different directions - it might be questions from other people asking what you are doing or whether you are good on what you are doing.  If you read my  post  Why I Quit Doing Regular Full Time Job? you'll know my experience. So in the aspect of questions coming from yours that's also one issue that gives you tensions. Am I struggling? Did I miss something? Why they don't choose me?

    The Possibility can  be awful or successful 

If you are not strong, you'll feel awful because you don't get what you want all the time.There are something that you need to compromise - like forgetting your ego and  double your efforts. It will come to a point that your self esteem shoot down. But if you become brave enough, open-minded, and work hard then freelance is for you.

Well I still consider myself new in this arena, what else can you say about freelancing?  Any advice?