Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What are 3 recommended Course for incoming College Students?

This film is good to watch so you'll know what's life after college.
Few weeks from now school classes in the Philippines will be open. Congrats to those already enrolled and just preparing for their school supplies. But for those who are still contemplating what to take or still doubting if they enrolled in a nice course, here are my 3 recommended factors to consider that I usually advice for my OJTs.

a Course that is related to your dream, passion and personality

 It's hard right? But you know the only person who will know this is only you. Sometimes you can get good advice from your circle because they believe in your capability but at the end of the day, your decision is what matter.

What about your parent's choice? Well, my sentiment about that is you can always convince them and prove that you can do it. Don't be rebellious if they stand firm but be thankful that at least they afford to send you in college.  Just believe that if you want something , you'll find way to get it while in college after graduation.

I know a writer who was BS Nursing graduate because her parents wanted her to become one but  since she's really into writing, she started to write pocket books that become best sellers. Now she's part of a leading network where she works as  TV writer.

Related to Communication

I'm not only talking about Mass Communication, Communication Arts, Advertising or Journalism but  any course that you can empower your communication skills. Actually what most job hunters don't see  are opportunities for them  outside those TV networks, radio stations or publishing companies.

If you are good in communication especially in English  - you can be a translator, businessman,  call center agent, blogger, PR officer,  talent coordinator and so on so forth that some other type of industries direly need. In fact, I think I can have more jobs now if I'm only  fluent in English thus I'm trying hard to polish it now.

Related to Social Media  and Technology

Tic tack people now are active in social media including you. And it means there's market for this and there's growing need to tap them which most companies trying to do now.  If happen you are very active in blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other websites likes these - professionalize your knowledge by taking a course about this. I do believe that in coming days,  everything is gonna be online and digital so better be an expert. I, myself, is learning to do this for a living.

Of course, there's no social media, technopreneur or online publishing without tech-savvy people.  from what I know, compare to traditional jobs we know most people from this industry earning a lot.

These are just three factors that I think can help you or at least boost your study in coming years. Whether you like Fine Arts or Civil Engineering , you might ended up need a  presentation skills and technology to enhance your career status.

Anyhow, Good Bless!