Saturday, December 27, 2014

5 New Year Resolutions for Career Enhancement in 2015

I am both proud and dissatisfied with my performance for 2014 that's why I should  have resolutions to change the course of my career.  Why am I  proud?  Because I survive a year of freelancing. Why am I dissatisfied because I financially unstable and a  little bit lost.

5  Be Organized

Do you know Nodame of Nodame Cantabile?  Well, I am almost like her when it comes to being messy and organized in my things.  This negative trait produce unwanted results in my career like forgetting notes, lost in time, spending extra money and breaking things. 

I know myself, I feel productive and creative when my things are not in order while I am working. Weird? Yes I am.  Believe me I tried to change this manner even before I worked office-based, but I  discovered that I  feel restrained and sleepy if I am seeing clean and white area. So why  all of sudden I want to change now?  I can still disorganized my computer station not my entire room. 


4 Act in Timely Fashion  

I am paying penalties of my loans and credit card fee only because  I don't act in timely fashion. My Goodness it's head-scratching moment for me when I received a bill statement for my credit card that I didn't use for months but I need to  pay Php 3000 for it.  If only I cut it right away.

Timing is also the problem why I lost some client inquiries and prospects. 

3 Be Positively Look Good

Looking good is plus point what more if you look professional from head to toe.  But since I am working from home it's inappropriate for me to wear  suit.  But I agree that if you feel beautiful, it exudes confidence in your work and dealing with people.  This year, I  know that I retreat to being comfortable of my pajama,  This is the reason why I start to agree  to go out with dates and other appointments.

2  Enhance Communication Skill

I am confident in my conversational English, but I know deep in my brain that I am not grammatically correct all the time. I know that I need to polish not only my writing or blogging skill , but generally my communication skill.  Sometimes I forget that not all people I am dealing with will let my mistakes pass.  If I need to earn trust and acquire decent jobs ( freelance, part time or full time), I definitely have to become fluent in English. 

1 Learn to be expert

One of the big lessons I learned in 2014 is don't be just familiar with the job, be knowledgeable on it. Similar to my top 2, I rely on my stock knowledge and take risk to bid without sure amount of calculation whether I can do it or not. It bounce back to me.  I am happy that I know  SEO, blogging, data entry, web research, writing and others but they are all just basic.  Of course, I am looking for better and stable salary so if I am serious to make my career path clear and thriving. I have to be expert in my field.

What about you? What are you career lessons or resolutions for your career?  

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