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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What are 3 recommended Course for incoming College Students?

This film is good to watch so you'll know what's life after college.
Few weeks from now school classes in the Philippines will be open. Congrats to those already enrolled and just preparing for their school supplies. But for those who are still contemplating what to take or still doubting if they enrolled in a nice course, here are my 3 recommended factors to consider that I usually advice for my OJTs.

a Course that is related to your dream, passion and personality

 It's hard right? But you know the only person who will know this is only you. Sometimes you can get good advice from your circle because they believe in your capability but at the end of the day, your decision is what matter.

What about your parent's choice? Well, my sentiment about that is you can always convince them and prove that you can do it. Don't be rebellious if they stand firm but be thankful that at least they afford to send you in college.  Just believe that if you want something , you'll find way to get it while in college after graduation.

I know a writer who was BS Nursing graduate because her parents wanted her to become one but  since she's really into writing, she started to write pocket books that become best sellers. Now she's part of a leading network where she works as  TV writer.

Related to Communication

I'm not only talking about Mass Communication, Communication Arts, Advertising or Journalism but  any course that you can empower your communication skills. Actually what most job hunters don't see  are opportunities for them  outside those TV networks, radio stations or publishing companies.

If you are good in communication especially in English  - you can be a translator, businessman,  call center agent, blogger, PR officer,  talent coordinator and so on so forth that some other type of industries direly need. In fact, I think I can have more jobs now if I'm only  fluent in English thus I'm trying hard to polish it now.

Related to Social Media  and Technology

Tic tack people now are active in social media including you. And it means there's market for this and there's growing need to tap them which most companies trying to do now.  If happen you are very active in blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other websites likes these - professionalize your knowledge by taking a course about this. I do believe that in coming days,  everything is gonna be online and digital so better be an expert. I, myself, is learning to do this for a living.

Of course, there's no social media, technopreneur or online publishing without tech-savvy people.  from what I know, compare to traditional jobs we know most people from this industry earning a lot.

These are just three factors that I think can help you or at least boost your study in coming years. Whether you like Fine Arts or Civil Engineering , you might ended up need a  presentation skills and technology to enhance your career status.

Anyhow, Good Bless!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Why I Quit Doing Regular Full Time Job?

Long time ago, I planned to simply delete this blog because if you  notice, my last post before this was published three years ago.  There were many things that happened during this period  that were also some of the reasons why I stop blogging in this website. Now, I decide to post again for the purpose of telling myself ( and you) why I quit doing regular full time job?

To earn and explore more

Demoralize - this is a word that can describe why I ended  up leaving my 7-year old job in Ortigas. I was promoted to a higher position - because  I'm the assistant/ associate of  my superior who vacated the post.  Initially, what I didn't like about that were I didn't aspire to get it, I would carry tons of work and then I had to be a leader. 

But the biggest disappointment I had were the company had no plans to increase my salary ( and my subordinates) and I had to acquire the tasks of other department ( including  being partly secretary of our terror president).  If this company only knew, I used my free time to find sideline works so I could have extra income.

So even if  there's no new company where I could transfer, I resigned. I might  experienced some frustrations because of that big decision but  I never regret. In three weeks I obtained a regular part time job in a Magazine company and full time job in a well known business website. I discovered that I could do other  things aside from what I usually perform in my former company. Furthermore, I'm convinced I'm already burn out. 

To enjoy my time and maximize it

My last full time work in Makati motivated me to value my time more than money. My schedule was 9-6 pm from Monday to Saturday and  no Holidays. Then, since my position was very crucial I had to do overtime almost everyday.  If  I file leave of absence that means additional load to my one and only partner or vice versa. When I accepted the job, I already predicted  that it's going to be my problem in the long run.   But I let my self to try it because of the high salary and to learn a new field.

Well  thank you to that job I was able to pay my Php 35, 000 debt, invest a little and save some for my emergency fund. Thank you to that Job I learned  a little bit more of digital marketing, creative writing, various products, and diverse businesses. And thank you to that job, I gained  talented friends.  But  I have to resign because my gut feeling told me that I will lost half of my life if I stay longer - it would be a reason If I will be a spinster, aloof, and lifeless. 

To hone my skills and talents the way I want

I always believe that it's good to have mentors and  people who can guide you.  But if they happen to be your managers or supervisors there's a slight chance that they are really motivational. In fairness to my former bosses - they taught various lessons which I can use for my career but  I don't like them personally. In my opinion, they were  not someone who I can look up to the way I see some successful and inspiring people I know. But since they were my superiors, I had no choice but to follow their commands.

I believe I'm willing to learn more so I have to get out of the box and explore the market where there are superb personalities armed with knowledge and skills who can directly teach me superb knowledge. 

To get away from rush hour / transportation woes

Ortigas or Makati, I could't go to work without passing through  jam-packed traffic in EDSA during rush hour. I will try my very best not to go back in that scene again or at least not every single day of my life.  

To fulfill my dream - to be a successful entrepreneur 

To date, I still need to do part time jobs to sustain my expenses and obligations. But I already venture to several small time businesses  hands on.  I tried retailing, barbecue business, selling processed meats, and Unified Products and Services of Global Pinoy Remittance and  Services Inc. Except the latter, I already gave up my try out businesses but with small profit. 

My business failures might entail financial loss in my small savings and yet I'm still eager to be a thriving entrepreneur.  Those failures were my lessons to do better and find out more what works for me.  So I prove that  in business: 
  • you have to choose wisely your business partners
  • the importance of inventory
  • budgeting
  • the art of sales talk  and promotion/ marketing

To attain my long term goals  before I hit 40s

My situation right now humbles me and I appreciate the many things I'm blessed to have - yes I'm still looking for home based/  part time/ freelance works,  I  still don't get my ROI (return of investment), and I'm affected to whatever problems in our house.  But I'm still looking forward to solve my short term goals to achieve my long term goals/ aspirations before I hit 40s and my retirement (60 years old)

  • to be a millionaire when I turn 39 years old
  •  to get into relationship soon and get married before 35 years old
  • to travel in Sao Paolo, Brazil when I turn 34
  • to  own an enterprising tricycle / transportation business
  • to establish family restaurant business / online publication
  • be versatile, reputable, inspiring and prolific blogger and media practitioner
  • have solid emergency fund P 150, 000
  • continuous investments - stock market, mutual fund, life insurance and forex
  • and yes to buy my dream car and house
  • attain half of my retirement fund
  • to enjoy peaceful and relaxing life
  • to experience financial freedom
  • to be with my love ones and help them
LilChaCha, The road is cloudy but choose to get though with it than staying in stagnant and unhappy places.  Dream, Be Passionate, Have Faith! Enjoy!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Graduate to employee

Congratulations to all fresh graduates and to your proud parents. To graduate with a college degree is something you should be thankful no matter what happen in your next quest.

Speaking of next quest, I know some of you are thrilled in your job hunting while some are planning to have vacation first before anything else. There’s nothing wrong with that just have fun and never regret.

Reality check

I will not go deep to latest survey of millions of unemployed Filipinos; basically that’s problem long before our Uncles and Aunties graduated. There are very few jobs for increasing workforce. As much as we want to blame it to someone it doesn’t answer your problem.

For me facing the real world is fearful but challenging at the same time. It is better to always boost up your self confidence by constantly reviewing what you learn and attending trainings that is related to your field. However, whether you are really capable or not the best asset that an applicant can show especially during interview is to exude his/ her confidence.

That’s one of my problems when I was just fresh grad I’m so conscious and not confident so although I have edge I was always rejected.

Different Arena

For you who are afraid to rival with your classmates who has impressive records and popularity in school, please don’t. One thing I realized when I already working is whatever medals or awards you garnered in your college days are not that important in your day to day job. You’re boss doesn’t recognize you as the one who was best in his/her thesis if even filing of files you can’t do. Your recognitions might add to your personality if you gonna boast those but still the bottom line is your work performance.

To be honest, I just had one chance to be included in Dean’s list, I got failed grade before in Algebra and I have only one award. But I was part of the few people who got chance to work in a prestigious company in our field. I’m no more part of that company but I’m proud of myself to be able to that and very thankful for that wonderful experience.

A piece of advice

Though you fresh graduate with zero professional experience those companies will give you leniency, you must exert effort. Prove yourself that you capable and trainable. You are no longer in school so they are not teachers but employers that are paying to do your job.

Another advice, if you don’t have so much obligation and have opportunity to work in a company/ job that is related to your field/dream job but give you low salary, grab it. In your first year in the work field, what you really need is experience and be connected. Count at least six months if you have second thought to stay.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's the difference between Work and Career?

The answer in this question depend on our own goals and personality. But for me, work is something like a brick that is part of the construction of your career. It can be the source of your money to pay your bills or to save in the bank and part of your daily routine.

If you don't have work,you are bum. No money and no things to do. But you can find work if you really want. No matter how awful, how low or how degrading it for others.
Career is the path of your works, your long term goal or let's say maybe the future you envision.

I am not accomplished career woman,YET. I am working for eight years now and I'm eager to transfer from my current company to another. The reasons are because I'm looking for better opportunity, for me to able to try other things and use my other talents, and yes, to look for much better management that offers competitive salary.

These are my reasons and I'm not blaming my present company whatever system do they have. That is them what i want to change is not them but my own career path.

Now, why I'm blogging about work and career? I want to share my knowledge, experiences and lessons i learned plus my goals while I'm working. It might help fore both of us.